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5 New Members Join the YHAA Century Club

By Sarah Allen-Sutter

100 year-old woman with flowers and certificates
Century Club Honoree Ann Ramsey receives her award from YHAA representatives, Sheila Allen, Patti Huston, and Jim Provenza

Yesterday, the Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance (YHAA) Century Club gained five new members! Robert Schuetz, Margaret Paul, Helen Meyers, June Yeager, and Ann Ramsey were recognized as Century Club honorees by YHAA Chair, Supervisor Jim Provenza; former YHAA Executive Director, Sheila Allen; and new YHAA Executive Director, Bob Ekstrom. The new Century Club members received flowers, Century Club certificates, and were honored in speeches by the aforementioned YHAA leaders.

Each new Century Club member shared a little bit about themselves, and some even gave some tips on living a long and healthy life. Read on to learn a little bit about these inspiring individuals, and join us in celebrating this major life milestone!

Meet the Century Club Members



June Yeager celebrated her 101st birthday on August 7th. She comes from a long line of Davis residents; she was born here in 1921 and her mother was born in Davis in 1888! She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1943. June reflects that she hasn't done anything special to become a centenarian. She attributes it to pure luck.



Robert "Bob" Schuetz just celebrated his 100th birthday on August 25th. He was born in Kansas in 1922. He is a World War II veteran; he served as a Seaman First Class in the U.S. Navy. Over the course of his life he held many jobs, including a mechanic and general worker. He enjoyed golf and bowling during his free time. He has a positive and kind outlook on life.



Ann Ramsey was born in San Francisco to Italian immigrants on December 7, 1920. She will be 102 this year. She remembers watching the Golden Gate Bridge being built right outside her window! Ann believes that reaching an advanced age is hereditary, but she also credits her many years of playing tennis and golf. She advises others to avoid junk food and worry less.



Margaret Paul celebrated her 100th birthday on May 12th. She grew up in Flat River, Missouri. She recalls not having running water or electricity as a young girl. She played tennis for many, many years and partially attributes her longevity to this. She is grateful to be cared for by her two wonderful and dedicated sons, Alan and David.



Helen Meyers celebrated her 100th birthday on March 2nd. She was born in Washington State. She says it's hard to believe that she is actually 100 years old! She believes that good genes, good luck, drinking in moderation, and watching her diet has contributed to her longevity.



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