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Multiple agencies and our elected representatives at the local, regional, state, and federal levels are responsible for policy, programs, and financing of aging information, services, and supports. This includes policies and programs that impact older adults such as housing, transportation, and emergency response. YHAA serves as the voice of older adults as proposals are considered and decisions made by testifying in public hearings, sponsoring legislation and budget requests, meeting with elected officials, and hosting candidate forums and Town Halls where residents can express their opinions and concerns. We engage residents and other organizations in these efforts through the Advocacy Committee.


YHAA 2023 Legislative Issue Priorities are...


  1. Affordable and accessible housing

  2. Nutrition support

  3. Support for caregivers, especially related to care of persons with Alzheimer’s/dementia 

  4. Planning and funding for transportation

  5. Addressing the digital divide-especially in rural areas

  6. COVID issues

    1. access to vaccines and any boosters needed

    2. education of older adults

    3. treatments

  7. Long term care planning and financing

  8. Creating and supporting age friendly communities

  9. Addressing the financial and program needs of persons in the “gap”


NOTE: The priorities are based on the YHAA Strategic Plan, the California Master Plan for Aging and the Yolo Aging and Disability Resource Connection COVID Response Survey results. These are not in priority order.

In addition, YHAA is an active participant in the development of the California Master Plan for Aging and related legislative action and will be conducting public information and input forums for Yolo County residents.

The Advocacy Committee meets the first Thursday of every month, 10:00am-12:00pm via zoom:

Members of the public are welcome to attend and/or join the Committee. To be added to the Advocacy Committee agenda email list, contact

Contact Your

Elected Official

View a list of elected officials and how to get in contact with them.


Please click the date of the meeting minutes you wish to view.


Below you will find letters of support related to priority policy legislation. To find and track California Legislation go to

Support for ACA 1 – Local Government Financing

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports ACA 1, which will lower the necessary voter threshold from a two-thirds supermajority to 55% to approve local general obligation (G.O.) bonds and special taxes for affordable housing and public infrastructure projects. 


Support for AB 387 – Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders

Advisory Committee

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports AB 387, which seeks to expand the membership of the Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Advisory Committee to better represent the growing needs of the various stakeholders surrounding this issue.


Support for AB 48 – Medi-Cal: Diabetes Management

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports AB 48, which establishes the Nursing Facility Resident Informed Consent Protection Act of 2022. This bill if enacted will protect nursing facility residents from the excessive use of psychoactive drugs. 


Support for AB 365 – Medi-Cal: Diabetes Management

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports AB 365, which would require the Department of Health Care Services to use scientifically based clinical guidelines when creating utilization controls for the coverage of continuous glucose monitors (“CGMs”) in the Medi-Cal program. 


Support for HR 2517 – Comprehensive Care Act for Alzheimer’s Act 

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports HR 244, which would provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program for persons with dementia, along with a payment structure for dementia care management.


Support for HR 244 – Medicare Hearing Aid Coverage Act 

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports HR 244, which would require the Government Accounting Office to study insurance programs that offer coverage for hearing exams and hearing aids in the Medicare programs. 


Support for S 134/HR 619 and S 134/HR 620

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance urges support of S 133/HR 619 and S 134/HR 620. These bills would renew the National Alzheimer’s Project Act and the Alzheimer’s Accountability Investment Act that are due to expire in 2025.


Support for SB 271 - Right to Repair

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports the addition of the manual wheelchair to the Right to Repair, SB 271 Bill. 


Support for AB 1618 – Healthy Brain Initiative

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports AB 1618, which will establish the Office of the Healthy Brain Initiative within the California Department of Public Health. 

April, 2022

Support for SB 842 - Medical Equipment

  • Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance is in support of SB 842, advocating for having durable medical equipment available for reuse by members of our community. 


Support for AB 2252 – Telecommunications Outage Reporting

  • This collaborative letter expresses support for AB 2252, which would ensure that state regulators and public officials are informed of telecommunication service failures and network damage after a natural disaster.


Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Support

  • Collaborative letter to express strong support for the major investment in Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) included in the Build Back Better Act legislative framework.


Build Back Better Support

  • Medicare additions of vision, hearing and dental benefits, reducing the Medicare age eligibility, Medicare able to negotiate lower medication prices, housing support, home and elder care funding


HR 1474 - S56 

  • Support HR 1474 and S 56, “Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Act,” that amends the Public Health Service Act.



  • Support nutrition


AB 14 

  • In support for AB 14, The Internet for All Act of 2021


HR 3684 - Invest in America

  • Support broadband provisions


SB 107 

  • Simplified Senior and Disabled CalFresh Application and Telephonic Access in the 2021-2022 Budget Act


Undertaking National Initiative to Tackle Epidemic Act of 2020


May Revision proposal

  • Opposition to May Revision proposal to eliminate Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS)


Older Americans Act of 2020.


AB 2047

  • In strong support of AB 2047, which has recently been amended to respond to the grave COVID-19 crisis by ensuring that all counties in our state incorporate plans to address the unique needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in their emergency response during the next plan update.


AB 1382: Master Plan for Aging

  • Master Plan for Aging – Caregiver Workforce Development

Long-term Services and Supports

  • Budget request to support website that provides research-based, unbiased information about long-term services and supports such as nursing home, assisted living, and home care agencies


AB 842: Affordable Medications

  • Preserving access to affordable medications

Yolo Adult Day Health Center (YADHC)

  • In support of expanding the Yolo Adult Day Health Center (YADHC)


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