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YHAA hosts or co-hosts public events and workshops to educate and engage County residents, organizations, public servants, and professionals in healthy aging practices, advocacy, and coordination of services.


Below you will find educational resources for the aging population and their caretakers. Just click the category or subcategory you are looking for.

You can also find other aging organizations.


This non-profit site developed by the State of California helps you navigate the complex, overwhelming and costly issue of long-term care.

Agency on Aging \ Area 4’s mission is creating and supporting opportunities that enhance the lives of older adults and their families to be safe, healthy and independent by providing funding for older adult services in a seven-county region, including Yolo.

The SCAN Foundation is an independent public charity devoted to transforming care for older adults in ways that preserve dignity and encourage independence.

The Healthy Aging Work Group identified goals and strategies to improve health for the aging populations of Yolo County.

The California Senior Legislature is a volunteer body whose primary mission is to gather ideas for legislation at the state and federal levels, craft the ideas into formal proposals, prioritize the proposals, present them to members of the Legislature or the Congress, and advocate for laws implementing the ideas.

RIL aims to promote the socio-economic independence of persons with disabilities by providing peer-supported, consumer-directed independent living services and advocacy.

AARP works to address the needs and interests of middle-aged and older adults in the United States, and is the lead agency developing age-friendly communities in the United States.

The California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) is a statewide nonprofit organization that unites retired workers and community groups to win social and economic justice, full civil rights, and a better, more secure future for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

Other Aging Orgnizations
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