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Join Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance

Sponsor An Event


Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance is looking for caring, passionate individuals to join a few of the programs we are offering for our older community members. 

Work With Us

See our available positions by clicking the button below.

Annual Fundraiser

Sponsor the Annual Fundraiser

Events like this wouldn't be possible without event sponsors. Click the button below for more information on sponsorship levels and how to become a sponsor.

Donate a Raffle Prize

In addition to sponsoring or attending our annual fundraiser, you can help by donating items we raffle.  Services or items appealing to older adults, dinners out, or weekend getaways, wines, and gourmet foods are some of the popular prizes we have offered in the past. If you wish to donate a raffle prize, please contact YHAA Executive Director Sheila Allen at

Become an Event Partner

Become an Event Partner

If your organization would like to partner with us on one of our events, or you are interested in Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance co-sponsoring one of your events, email

Join the Board of Directors

Join the Board of Directors

The YHAA Board consists of up to 15 members. Board members reside throughout Yolo County and possess a variety of skills and expertise. The YHAA Board is a “working board.” This means members contribute skills and expertise to various activities, events and programs and pitch in when needed for various tasks. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Board Member, please fill out the attached application and send it to YHAA Executive Director Sheila Allen at

Join the Advocacy Committee

Join the Advocacy Committee

Anyone is welcome to attend Advocacy Committee meetings.  If you would like to receive emails announcing meetings and containing committee materials, contact YHAA Executive Director Sheila Allen at

Join the Collaboration Committee

Join the Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee consists of Older Adult, Persons with Disabilities, and Caregiver organizations and government agencies, department and offices providing services and supports.  Committee meetings are important places to learn new information and understand the range of resources available to Yolo County residents.  To join, please contact YHAA Executive Director Sheila Allen at

Help Distribute Informton

Help Distribute Information

YHAA provides educational information for the public, but we need help making sure that information reaches as many people as possible. One simple way to start is by following and sharing our social media accounts!

Your organization or business can also help distribute printed material to folks who don’t typically access the Internet.  Any place, such as medical offices, banks, or restaurants frequented by older adults or their caregivers is ideal for displaying our brochures on a variety of topics or posters on upcoming events.  In addition, if you publish a newsletter, we would like to have it include notices of upcoming YHAA events.  For more information, please contact YHAA Executive Director Sheila Allen at

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Finally, you can always help us achieve our mission by donating.

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