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Older Adults Face the Housing Affordability Crisis

Older adults represent the fastest growing age group facing homelessness in California. Many live on low fixed incomes, and with high housing prices and lack of affordable, accessible, and sustainable housing, older Californians are forced to make the choice between food, housing, and medication. Among older adults, Black older adults are disproportionately affected by the California housing crisis, making up 31% of those accessing homeless services, but only making up 5.6% of the California's population.

Part of California's Master Plan on Aging includes Housing for all Stages and Ages. We need to make this a priority so that all older Californians can afford to age healthily and safely in their own homes.

Read the new Justice in Aging fact sheet, California’s Older Low-Income Renters Face Unaffordable Rents, Driving Housing Instability and Homelessness to learn more about how older adults are disproportionately effected by the rental affordability crisis.


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