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New Flu and Booster Clinic: November 8, Davis Senior Center

By Sarah Allen-Sutter

The Davis Senior Center will be hosting a clinic for free flu shots and COVID bivalent boosters. This clinic, put on by the City of Davis in partnership with the Yolo County Healthy Department, will take place on November 8th from 3pm - 6pm, located at the Davis Senior Center (646 A Street). Appointments are not necessary, and residents can receive both their flu shot and bivalent boosters in the same sitting. Masks are required while in the clinic.

This clinic will be offering bivalent boosters, but not doses in the primary COIVD series. The new bivalent COVID booster is recommended for everyone 6 years and older. To be eligible, you must have received your latest COVID-19 vaccine dose at least two months prior to receiving an updated booster.

In addition to staying updated with your COVID boosters, it is important to protect yourself and others from illness by getting a seasonal flu shot. Everyone six months of age and older is recommended to get an annual flu shot. The upcoming flu season is projected to be severe, but by receiving a flu shot, you will be doing your part in decreasing the prevalence of the flu and protecting yourself and others from severe illness. Although most young, healthy adults will only miss a few days of work from the flu, for older adults and those with chronic health conditions, the flu can be very serious and even life-threatening. Protect your community, and get a flu shot!

For more information about the clinic, visit


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