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Starting the Conversation about Health, Legal, Financial and End-of-Life Issues

A national survey by The Conversation Project found that 9 in 10 Americans want to discuss their loved ones’ and their own end-of-life care, but approximately 3 in 10 Americans have actually had these types of conversations. For older adults, families and close friends these conversations may be tough to initiate, but they are valuable and necessary for all involved. This guide is meant to help you prepare for these conversations, offer helpful tips for starting a discussion and provide a range of topics for your consideration. You can learn more about beginning conversations about end-of-life care from The Conversation Project (, which offers a Conversation Starter Kit for guidance. Additionally, you can learn more about what community resources may be of assistance to older adults, caregivers and their families before or after communicating with loved ones from your local Area Agency on Aging, Title VI Native American aging program or other trusted community resource. The Eldercare Locator ( can direct you to an agency in your area.

For further information on starting the conversation with your family you can click on the following links for further information.


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