We could not provide the resources we do without the help of our friends and sponsors! Each Spring we host an annual fundraiser for YHAA. On this page you will find information on this year's fundraiser, along with photos and sponsor recognition from the most recent annual fundraiser.


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YHAA is thrilled to announce our upcoming fundraiser: Stepping Out! The fundraiser will take place outside at the beautiful Galileo Place gardens, where we will come together to celebrate stepping out and moving forward.


Thank you to everyone who sponsored and attended YHAA's virtual event! We had so much fun and hope you did too!

(It's not too late!)


Celebrating 10 Years of Healthy Aging


$200 Level

First Northern Bank

Gloria Partida, Davis Mayor


Teresa Kaneko


Supervisor Don Saylor

Winters Healthcare Foundation


Woodland Cannabis Collection


Nancy Pennebaker, YHAA board member


Dawn Myers, YHAA board member

Denise Peach, YHAA board member

Ramon Altamarino, YHAA board member


Jon Sugarman, YHAA board member


Patti Huston, YHAA board member

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Carlton Senior Living

Comfort Keepers




(From left to right) Marcia Freedman, Elizabeth Lasensky, John Burmester, Mary Therese Schweickert, Alan Nitta, Nancy Redpath

Superstar - Rancho Yolo Community Associ

The Rancho Yolo Community Association (RYCA) is a non-profit, volunteer-run, organization composed of residents of Rancho Yolo Senior Community in Davis, CA. RYCA represents more  than 250 households. With over 350 residents aged 55 years and older, we are one of the  largest senior communities in Davis. Membership in RYCA is free to residents. Our Board of Directors consists of 9 representatives who are elected at our annual meeting. We also have  quarterly meetings to inform and update our members on important issues and topics, as well  as to solicit their approval for certain association actions. 

The Association was created:  

  • To provide a constructive and effective influence in Park matters affecting the welfare, security,  and peace of mind of all homeowners; 

  • To help promote a safe and enjoyable living environment, including social and recreational  activities within the Park; 

  • To promote a cooperative interface between Park owners, management, and homeowners. 

  • To serve as a liaison between the RYCA, governmental agencies and other organizations on  matters of interest to residents of the Park; and 

  • To position the residents of Rancho Yolo Senior Community for possible purchase of the Park, should the opportunity arise. 

RYCA promotes programs to address the need of seniors for meaningful socialization. At the  same time, our philosophy is to encourage a neighbor-to-neighbor approach. The concerns of  seniors can easily intensify to harmful levels without intervention, advice and even a hand to  hold or a shoulder to cry on.


Leader in Dementia Care


Cindi has been a leader in the field of dementia care for over 30 years. In 1986, she opened one of the first dementia specific residential care facilities (RCFE) in the State. The facility, known as the Memory House, was located by a park in a lovely Davis community started as a 6 bed home and eventually became a 12 bed. Cindi’s trailblazing continued into her career. In the 1990’s, she became involved in community advocacy by joining the Yolo County Integrated Long Term Care Task Force and the County Commission on Aging.


During the past 20 years: 

  • She has served 10 years on the Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center Board of Directors

  • Volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association and has been on the planning committee for four Walks to End Alzheimer’s. 

  • She organized a community-wide Fall Prevention Workshop (2016, 2017) 

  • She introduced Brain Boosters via Dignity Health funding to the Yolo County and provided multiple workshops on brain fitness 

  • Served on the board of Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance (2017-2019) 

  • She has continued to apply her knowledge and expertise in dementia care throughout her career including serving as Divisional Director for Atria Senior Living, Carlton Senior Living and currently the Manager of Community Outreach for ApexCare.

  • In 2018, Representative John Garamendi named her California’s Third District Woman of the  Year Award for her inspirational contributions to aging and volunteerism. 

  • Additional experiences in include Divisional Director for Atria Senior Living,  ∙

  • Since 1992 she devotes her personal time to a ministry at local migrant camps. 


Cindi’s devotion to aging, dementia and caregiving is an inspiration to us all, and her contributions have helped to shape our community.


Advocate for Older Adults

Wally Pearce - Senior Superstar.jpg

A poised professional, Wally Pearce is adept in regulatory law with over forty years of proven experience in management, construction, production, programs, contract and project management. 

Post-retirement, he has been a robust advocate for our older adult community while working in 9-California counties. Here is a list of some of his accomplishments for older adults:

  • Founded and cofounded several successful older-adult 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s, i.e. Winters Elder Day Council and Winters Senior Foundation.  

  • Yolo County Board of Supervisor appointee to serve a 4-year term as a Commissioner  for the Aging and Older Adult Services Commission.

  • Solano County Board of  Supervisors 2-year term appointee to serve for the Solano County Senior Coalition Advisory Board including their Executive Board.

  • City of Winters appointee to serve a 4-year term, as a commissioner for the City of Winters Aging Commission. 

  • Active member on several Agency on Aging Area 4 Board’s

  • Active member of  Napa/Solano Agency on Aging Area 3 Governing Board 

  • Active member of the Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance Advisory Board

  • Founded Elder Day in the city of Winters, an annual day where those in the Winters community who are 90-years of age or older, are honored for their contributions to their families and community.

  • Wrote numerous older adult Proclamation’s adopted by the City of Winters City Council. 

Wally Pearce is working vigorously on the advancement and realization of the following:

  1. Local transportation systems as well as the necessary transportation segment of the emerging Yolo County Board of Supervisors approved emergency  preparedness package, 

  2. Nutrition, and  

  3. Relevant wellness program’s in the City of Winters including their prospective inclusion within both Yolo and Solano counties.